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Change a Life!

Upcoming Events
2016 NSEC Annual Dinner
Friday, October 21, 2016
    6:30pm - 8:30pm

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EMPLOYMENT - A Root Cause For Healthy Pride in Self, Family and Community!


Who we are

The Near Southside Employment Coalition (NSEC) is people working together for a better community.  It was formed and incorporated as a not for profit agency in 1983 by several churches and agencies. This organization provides employment services to individuals on the Near Southside of the City of Saint Louis and metropolitan area. These agencies and churches pooled their resources in an effort to address the primary problem of unemployment.

Our Goal

 The goal of NSEC is to reduce and eliminate unemployment on the    Near Southside by:
  • Developing job referral relationships with employers across the metropolitan area
  • Screening and referring qualified applicants for available positions
  • Providing job skills through training at our locations
  • Training for job readiness and motivation
  • Working to reduce artificial barriers to employment

What We Offer 

 Meeting with service company                    Training for census job
  • Access to a pool of 2,000 prospects
  • Prospects matched to employer specifications
  • Same day response in most cases
  • Pre-referral reference checks
  • All services at no cost to employers

Did you know?
"NSEC has trained more than 540 people in Automated Office Skills and the construction trades. More than 3,000 people have been placed into jobs."


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